Pet Daycare

Pet DaycareMany of us are working busy schedules nowadays and can’t always be there to give our pet the attention they deserve. Whether you are pulling some longer shifts at work, or having some home repairs and need the house clear we have the solution.

Our pet daycare services assure you that just as you would your children you are leaving your pet with trusted individuals who can care for them and work with them during the day to assure that they come home safe, secure, and happy when you pick them up after your work day ends.

Your dog will be able to socialize and interact with other pets and our staff in controlled scenarios (however we do not offer “group play” as we do not believe this type of interaction is always appropriate for all dogs and situations.)

Your dog deserves to have fun in a safe environment while you are away. At The Kennels your pet can enjoy pet-and-play sessions, nature walks, socialization and relaxing naptime all in the comfort and safety of our five star resort.

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