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World-Class Dog Grooming

Our world renowned dog grooming services are provided by professionals who have groomed and shown dogs of virtually every variety on the biggest of stages including the Westminster Kennel Club at Madison Square Garden and the Eukanuba National Championship as well as having been featured on national television countless times.

Jenna, our manager, is also our groomer. She has worked for professional show dog handlers since she was a child, and has a vast understanding of how each breed should look, with a specialization in hand stripping hard coated breeds. Her mother has been an all-breed groomer for over 30 years, and has bred and shown Bichon Frise for over 20 years, which gave Jenna a head start on learning how to properly groom dogs instead of the using the “cookie-cutter” (same trim for every dog) trim so many groomers use.

All of our grooming services include nails, ears, and glands.

Salon & Spa Services

Bath & Brush

Our B & B service is perfect for dogs who don’t need haircuts, or just need a touch up between haircuts. Your dog will receive a professional bath, blow dry, and we will remove as much shedding hair as possible. If your dog has long hair, we can also clean up around the face, feet, and rear end.

Bath & Trim

For dogs who are in need of a full body haircut, our B & T service will provide them with a professional bath, blow dry, and style of your choice. The Kennels offers everything from traditional breed specific trims, something a little easier to manage, or anything in between.

Hand Stripping & Hand Scissoring

The Kennels specializes in hand stripping and hand scissoring. Hand stripping is the process of removing dead coat on a wire coated dog by hand. Most owners choose to have their “hard” (wire) coated dogs stripped to maintain the texture, look, and dirt-repelling properties that come natural to a hard coated breed. Hand scissoring is scissoring the dog by hand, instead of using clippers. Bichons, Poodles, and dogs with similar hair, look stunning when hand scissored.

Puppy Grooming

Once your puppy has had 2 rounds of vaccinations, and has reached 12 weeks, they should come in for a professional grooming. They won’t necessarily need a haircut, but it is important to familiarize them with the process, as to avoid ill manners in the future.

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